WOW! Once again I myself revisiting the blog looking at the last post I wrote which was September 2019. This year has definitely given us some challenges and rewards. there were Many ups and downs, but all in all we are grateful for health, stability, and time. Time to sit still, time to laugh, cry, and be together. We are grateful to be home, in our home. Camryn has definitely enjoyed the 6 month summer vacation she had as well as being home. I know that she misses her friends and socialization from school. The majority of the year has been involved with COVID-19 and the changes it has brought to our normal routine. Camryn has been completing her schooling online since the COVID-19 outbreak and the closing of school. I have also been managing The Carrington House and working from home. Even though this year has been completely different than any other thus far we have still managed to just live life and enjoy the simple things.





Hello to all!  It has been a while since I last visited the blog.  I feel full of love, smiles, and memories as I revisited this blog I started a few years ago, with no specific intentions but more so a place where I could release.  A space where I could express my thoughts, emotions and feelings with Autism and how it has impacted me and my daughters life.  SO MUCH has happened since last fall.  For starters we bought our first home.  Our forever home :).  We moved to a different area in Virginia, Camryn changed schools during the end of last school year.

Camryn has started ABA therapy in home, which is going amazingly well.  I had reservations at first however it really has fit into our busy lives.  I have had a few different jobs lol and am working on starting my first couple of businesses.  I also am working on starting a non profit organizations for girls who have Autism.  I am so excited to share everything that has happened over the last few months.  I will have tons of pictures uploaded soon.  Stay tuned!


As Camryn has gotten older I have noticed more and more she is starting to realize that she is different.  She will tell me at times that no one wants to play with her and I will notice that other kids sort of shy away from her because she is quirky.  Society has brainwashed individuals into thinking  that children should act and behave a certain way, that teenagers should act a certain way and it eventually leads to how you should portray yourself as an adult.  Camryn started 3rd grade a few weeks ago in a new school that she is still adjusting to.  On her first day she was not excited at all. 

I remember asking her if she was ready to go to class as we were walking in and she told me ” Ive gotta get out of here” and started to head back out the school doors lol.  This little girl has no filter and is not afraid to say what is on her mind.  Whether we are in Wal-Mart or the doctors office she says what is on her mind.  I used to get embarrassed and do my best to prevent her from blurting out random comments that would ultimately gain unwanted attention but I do not stop her now .  This is Camryn and what makes her special.  Anyone that is close to my daughter and I knows this to be true.  I still cannot believe she will be 9 years old in February.  Where the hell does the time go?!


There are days like today where I feel like even though I have set and accomplished goals for myself and my child I still feel an emptiness.  I’m not really sure if its because the world my daughter and I live in is quite different than the normal child/family or if its the overall stress of caring for a child who has needs and will more than likely always have those needs. 

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Candice Carrington

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